Direct mail printing has been around for a long time, and there’s one very good reason for that: it works! While everyone claims to hate junk mail, the fact is that direct mail postcards work on enough of the recipients that direct mail printing often delivers an excellent return on investment.

Does Direct Mail Really Work?

Absolutely, and studies prove it time and again. Not only can direct mail postcards work on their own, but they have also been shown to be extremely effective when used in conjunction with other marketing campaigns, whether it be by print or phone.

But it’s important to remember that people get many pieces of direct mail, usually on a daily basis. Since that’s the case, you need to have something that stands out, something that makes people take notice. Size, paper thickness, double-sided color printing, glossiness, and of course eye-catching design can all be used — often in tandem — to create something that stands out in a pile of the day’s mail.

Will everyone who receives a direct mail piece call you? Not a chance. But when you create a piece of direct mail stands out from the rest, you’re much more likely to get someone to interact with our business.

Here’s How Local’s Choice Printing Can Help

No matter the kind of direct mail printing you’re interested in, Local’s Choice Printing is your Chico print shop that can help you get your print job noticed. We can provide you with professional printing services at the best price, and we’ll make sure it’s right every time.

Of course, you can have every upgrade on direct mail postcards and it can be all for nothing if it’s not designed well. At Local’s Choice, we’re not just a printing company but can help you achieve a design that is noticeable well.

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