If you’ve ever received two of the same greeting card during the holidays, or received one that was the same as the one you sent out, it becomes pretty obvious that there’s only a limited choice of cards that people can choose to send out. If you’re getting duplicates, it’s almost certain that someone is getting duplicates of your card as well.

The best way to make sure that your card is unique is to have one created for you specifically, or create one yourself and have it printed by your local print shop. No matter the occasion, Local’s Choice Printing in Chico is ready to print greeting cards that you’ll be proud of.

Send Them Something Special

There are so many wonderful occasions on which to send out cards that speak to your specific needs. The winter holidays are the most common, of course, and some people send them out for other holidays throughout the year. There are also special celebration cards that can give your event that special little touch, whether you’re sending out wedding invitations, birthday invites, or announcing the birth of a child.

The personalized greeting cards you can get today are incredibly versatile, allowing you to choose the text, font, and pictures inside and out. It’s easy, too, because we have so many templates to choose from. By using Locals Choice Printing, you can also take advantage of our free design services.

Why Choose Local’s Choice?

In addition to our free design services, you also get free shipping, a free heavy-cardstock upgrade, and can get your project printed in less than 24 hours. You also have a choice of larger sizes in case you want to add more pictures or make sure your card really stands out! Even better, we can add the postage for you and even address your envelopes for an additional charge. Make it easy on yourself no matter the occasion!

If you’re ready to get some truly amazing cards at a great price, click here to get started on your next card project!